A Peace Treaty – Handmade Textile

A PEACE TREATY is founded on the belief that wearing beautiful, handcrafted pieces, imbued with the story of their maker are the most beautiful and luxurious in the world.

Designed in New York City by Dana Arbib, A PEACE TREATY incorporates exquisite artisanal details from far-flung places such as Pakistan, Turkey, and Peru. Born in Tel Aviv and raised in Toronto, Arbib is influenced by her father’s Libyan Jewish heritage and Roman upbringing. She is dedicated to discovering and preserving centuries-old craftsmanship techniques and knows exactly where to find the world’s most talented textile and jewelry masters, from the highest peaks of the Andes, to the Himalayan valleys, to the deserts of South Asia.

A PEACE TREATY sees itself as champions for slow fashion and preservationists of centuries-old techniques. So far, we have worked with artisan groups across ten countries to produce our exclusive collections. Our custom handmade pieces embrace rich color and print, are lively and bold, soft and luxurious. Each textile and stone cut is developed in house and is unique and faithful to its origins. Collections include hand crafted scarves, jewelry, knits, ponchos, kaftans, and capes; essential travel wears for the well-traveled.

At A PEACE TREATY we invite you to travel through our products, discover the unexpected, learn about different techniques and cultures, and share that story with others.

Each season, A PEACE TREATY works with artisans to create collections that redefine and modernize ancient handmade textile and metalsmithing techniques. Working with master craftspeople in nine countries (Pakistan, India, Nepal, Turkey, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and The United States), the line injects life and trade back into local economies and creates viable income-generation opportunities for artisans, using ancient methods such as embroidery, weaving, woodblock printing, knitting, and mud printing, helping to elevate their products to the level of high design.