APT, a well-traveled brand.
Designed in NYC, handmade globally. 



A PEACE TREATY was founded in 2008 on the belief that things made by human hands, imbued with the story of their maker, are the most beautiful and luxurious in the world. We knew that products made in this way deserved a place in high fashion, and that like us, there were people who wanted more from what they bought. 


A PEACE TREATY is the trademark of the luxe adventuress, we venture to fascinating countries seeking out the most beautiful handmade techniques and their makers. We know exactly where to find the world’s most talented textile and jewelry masters, from the highest peaks of the Andes to Himalayan valleys to the deserts of South Asia. A PEACE TREATY has worked with artisan workshops across ten countries. 


Each season, we create exquisite designs in New York City which evoke feelings of global opulence, revealing our obsession with art and culture. Being fancy nomads, we adore international luxury and are committed to creating designs and products that celebrate this. We have designed a vast library of prints and jewelry all made by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail. We see ourselves as champions for slow fashion and preservationists of centuries-old techniques. We invite our customers to travel through our products, discover the unexpected, learn about different techniques and cultures, and share that story with others.